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Company profile

DLFT has been in the municipal wastewater extraction, recycling water filtration, Lake governance, water reuse, oil and water separation and other areas to provide a variety of filtering solutions.

DLFT is the earliest in China obtained patents drum microstrainer.

2008 began to get the drum microfiltration system patent.

In 2014 in Changzhou, China set up its own factory.

The beginning of 2014 and Chinese Aquatic Research Institute and the South China University of Technology Institute of environmental science and engineering and technical cooperation, and constantly improve the structure and function of the drum of the microfiltration system innovation.

Since 2008, has made 3 patents, 13 utility model patents.

Precision and perfect technology is just one hand, the decisive factor behind our success is that we have been working to solve various problems for our customers. We see this as a challenge, and provide a comprehensive solution for a variety of occasions. The drum microfilter operation in a variety of harsh conditions, high concentration, high viscosity, microbial growth and other environmental quality prompted us to provide technical solutions and continuous improvement of product quality. Today, we always provide users with the best products.

DLFT offers 10 - 1250m /h fand full range of specifications to drum microstrainer customers both at home and abroad and in accordance with the EU standards.